【MXR】世界トップセールスを誇る「Carbon Copy Analog Delay」に、機能を多数盛り込んだデラックスVer.が満を持して登場!


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M292 Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay


世界でも類まれなセールスを誇るMXRのアナログ・ディレイ「Carbon Copy Analog Delay」にTap Temp、外部リモートコントロール、ラインレベル切り替え、Brightスイッチ、Tempo Subdivision、Kill Dryが搭載されたデラックス・バージョンがラインナップに追加されました。

1: TAP-BEAT footswitch sets tempo of repeats (indicated by orange LED)
2: TAP DIV switch cycles through tap tempo subdivisions (indicated by LED screen)
3: BRIGHT switch accentuates high end frequencies of delay signal (red LED indicates on)
4: MIX knob controls ratio of wet to dry signal
5: REGEN knob sets number of repeats
6: DELAY knob sets delay time
7: EXP jack allows for external control of various functions
8: SPEED knob controls rate of modulation effect
9: WIDTH knob sets width of modulation effect
10: MOD switch toggles modulation on/off (blue LED indicates on)
11: EFFECT footswitch toggles effect on/bypass (blue LED indicates on)

Input Impedance 1MΩ
Output Impedance 1 kΩ
Maximum Output Level +8dBV
Noise Floor* -96 dBV
Delay Time 40ms to 1200ms
Noise Reduction 2:1 ratio
Modulation Speed 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz
Tap Divisions Dotted 8th, 8th, Triplet, 16th
Bright 1.5 kHz, +4.5 dB / 200 Hz, -3 dB
Bypass True Hardwire
Current Draw 22 mA / 44 mA
Power Supply DC 9 volts



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